The meter group administration services have been carried out by Adrem Invest professionals since 2009. These services are aimed at small consumers and include mounting/dismounting power meters and disconnections/reconnections for payment default or infringement of contract.

The meter group administration work is grouped in Operational Centers with national coverage – in the regions of Oltenia, Moldavia, Banat, Muntenia and Dobrogea. In order to provide these services at the highest standards, the Adrem Invest personnel uses a fleet of over 200 utility vehicles and high performance equipment, ladders, PRBs, tools and special devices, work and protection gear according to the applicable regulations, and, last but not least, PDAs, which are increasing the efficiency of their work, as it eliminates the use of paper.

Adrem Invest holds a type B ANRE certificate, according to Order 24/2007 for work execution, as well as the approval of the Romania Office of Legal Metrology for meter mounting activities.

Managing power meters entails a broad range of services for the maintenance and administration of meter groups.

Adrem Invest undertakes an increase in the efficiency of meter management of over 30%. This is made possible due to our professional staff and to the substantial investments in implementing Workforce Management systems. These systems are used for the automation of all processes – from activity planning to work order assignation, from inventory management to field team coordination.

Adrem Invest provides a broad range of maintenance and administration services for meter groups and, in addition, it also provides services for monitoring and managing commercial risks.

The meter group administration services include:

Meter park management:

  1. Field work management
  2. Logistics and storage for meter groups
  3. Metrological verification according to the standards of the Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology (BRML)

The meter park management services include meter mounting and exploitation according to the procedures and to the flow of customer orders.

The field work management services include a complex portfolio of operations which can be provided by our company for utility companies, such as:

  • mounting meters for new subscribers
  • dismounting and replacing meters
  • meter group securing
  • disconnecting and reconnecting customers
  • tests, diagnosis and field verifications

Adrem Invest has storage spaces and provides the logistics required for meter administration.

Adrem Invest provides the following services:

  • Disconnection for payment default
  • Reconnection after overdue invoice settlement
  • Meter dismounting for payment default or on request
  • Periodical meter replacement
  • Meter mounting for new customers
  • On request field meter verification
  • Faulty meter replacement following notice by readers
  • Sealing following modernization works
  • Meter programming following change of tariff
  • Meter replacement for in-laboratory verification
  • Semi-direct meter group mounting (three current transformers and one power meter)
  • Semi-direct meter group replacement (three current transformers and meters)
  • Current transformer replacement
  • Putting meter group from semi-direct to direct mounting
  • Verification of meter group in semi-direct mounting (drawing up the phasor diagram, meter error determination, meter group error determination in cases of faulty mounting, drafting and signing customer-specific documents)
  • Replacement of frosted or damaged single-phase or three-phase metering and protection panel cover
  • Mounting of connection box cover, other than metering and protection panel
  • Connection of new clients in the LV network (acceptance, grid connection, meter mounting and commissioning)
  • Frame consolidation, fastening loose meters and metering and protection panels