Adrem Invest provides dispatch services for power projects using renewable energy source.

Our dispatch meets the strict criteria of the national grid operator and our team of ANRE-certified professionals delivers customized solutions to increase the efficiency of your output.

Our company can design the concept, supply, install and configure the local equipment and the solution at dispatch level, commission and ensure redundant communication.

In keeping with the national regulations in force, ANRE orders no. 51/2009, no. 29/2013 and no. 30/2013, power plants with a maximum built nominal maximum of 5 MW require a dispatch.

The solutions provided by Adrem Invest are designed to reduce downtime or faulty operation time, to monitor the efficiency and performance parameters, to identify and prevent incidents and output fluctuations.

Adrem Invest provides the following services:

  • Prognosis for the estimated energy output of each plant
  • Real-time monitoring of the proper operation of the power plant
  • Operations management for the power plant, in accordance with orders from upper dispatch levels
  • Keeping in touch with the regulatory authorities, information management and operational procedures management
  • Keeping in touch with the entities involved in maintenance, real-time problem identification and reporting activities
  • Analysis of the operation of the power plant and constant reporting of relevant aspects (production, prognosis, events, maneuvers, order of the regulators, incidents, operation of various components, etc.)
  • The possibility for the client to view the information managed by the dispatchers, in real time, through a secure web interface
  • Ensure the IT infrastructure redundancy at both platforms as well as at the level of communications means
  • Purchasing, installing and maintenance for all components required for SCADA integration
  • Dispatcher training and certification
  • Custom alarm to meet the needs of each power plant