Adrem Invest provides advanced electrical infrastructure maintenance services and quality and safety in electric power distribution.

This activity was included in the company’s portfolio in 2011. The services are provided for the following operators: CEZ Distributie SA, E.ON Distributie Moldova and ENEL.

In order to ensure quality and safety for its clients, Adrem Invest put together a team of specialists, consisting of engineers, design engineers and electricians, organized in a homogenous operational structure. Our company is extremely flexible and open to conducting works countrywide.

Adrem Invest provides the following services:

Maintenance, repairs and modernization of electric power distribution networks, 0.4-20kV power supply installations and other electrical installations.

The maintenance services provided by Adrem Invest are divided into customized packages:

  • preventive maintenance (prevention of failures and deterioration likely to occur during operation)
  • 24/7 corrective maintenance (restoring failed equipment or system to an operational condition)
  • electrical cable defectoscopy (underground power lines) 0.4-20kV

Our list of related services:

  1. Defectoscopy and tests with increased voltage for power cables (underground power lines) 0.4-20kV
  2. Conducting electrical measurements and issuing test bulletins (“PRAM tests and inspections”) concerning the status of the ground connection and the lightning rod

In addition, our company also provides control and verification:

1. Control is carried out through the work order system (collecting information and creating a database with technical, organizational and financial information).

A work order includes five main stages: anticipation of the activity, which allows workforce planning, equipment, machinery and materials planning, time planning etc.; travelling to the location and organizing the works on site; conducting the works in observance of the required technologies, health and safety at work, environment protection etc.; verification and completion of the works (technical verifications, sample collection, acceptance and waste disposal) and assessment of the works conducted.

2. Verification of the certificate of good performance and quality of the works, attesting the safe operation of the installation, ensuring safety of the operating personnel working in the respective installation.

Due to the complexity and diversity of the operations carried out during the maintenance of the electrical installations, Adrem Invest uses a broad range of devices, equipment, machinery and tools – all of which are kept in good technical condition, throughout their use, through proper operation and maintenance.