About us

ADREM INVEST is a service provider for utility networks. Its services include meter group management, electrical infrastructure maintenance and power distribution network operation. The company was established 28 years ago and it began as a small family business, set up by two brothers: Adrian Bodea and Corneliu Bodea. Shortly after, Adrem Invest became an important provider of innovative liquid steel degassing solutions for the metallurgical industry. In 2008 Adrem Invest diversified its portfolio and started providing meter reading services for more than 1.4 million household consumers and small-sized economic agents.
Adrem Invest is currently the largest provider of meter group management and meter reading services in Romania, and it is involved in all on-going smart metering pilot projects in the country.
The company aims to become a market leader in energy services in Romania, and to boost energy efficiency in its clients’ and partners’ projects.


Adrem history

  • 1992
  • 1993
  • 1998
  • 1999
  • 2008
  • 2009
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  • 2016

Adrem Invest is founded by
Adrian Bodea, after
identifying the need for
innovative technologies in
the Romanian industry.


Corneliu Bodea joins
Adrem Invest.


Adrem Invest’s Process
Engineering Division
develops the first Liquid
Steel Vacuum Degassing
Plant in the world operated
using mechanical pumps,
for the Special Steel Mill in
Târgoviște. After this
successful project, Adrian
Bodea obtains the patent
for the technology of using
mechanical pumps in the
liquid steel degassing


Adrem Invests enters the
automation market,
providing SCADA solutions
for utility networks,
through its SCADA &
Automation Division


Adrem Invest enters the utility network services market. The company takes over the electricity meter reading services from one of the most important energy companies in
Romania, through its newly established Integrated Services Divison.


Adrem Invest strengthes its position on the SCADA market and participates in
large-scale projects, for companies in fields of strategic importance at national level: gas transport, centralised heating, power distribution, administration and maintenance of public railway electrification infrastructure.


The General Maintenance and Entrepreneurship Directorate is established, in order to provide the Maintenance service of medium and low voltage electrical installations.


Adrem Invest takes over the gas meter reading services from one of the most important distribution companies in Romania. Services are provided to both Mass Market consumers and Business Market consumers.


The ABBC Group Holding is created, with Adrian Bodea and Corneliu Bodea as shareholders. The holding includes over 15 global coverage companies, operating in the energy and industry field.


The previous divisions of Adrem Invest become self-standing companies:
the Process Engineering Division becomes Adrem Industries; the Integrated Services Division retains the name Adrem Invest; the SCADA & Automation Division becomes Adrem Automation and the Green Energies Division becomes Adrem Green Power.


The Adrem Companies operating in the energy sector reposition themselves on the market: Adrem Automation becomes Adrem Engineering; Adrem Invest retains the name of the oldest company in the ABBC Group;
A new company is established, which joins the other Adrem Companies operating
in the energy sector: Adrem Link.