To maintain high quality standards for the services we provide, to conduct all activities in optimum conditions and to ensure efficient operations control, the Meter Group Administration Department within Adrem Invest opted to implement the operational monitoring solution.

This custom-built solution for the services provided by the Meter Group Administration Department was aimed at:

Activity monitoring:

  • Operational monitoring
  • Bidirectional data transfer monitoring, between the SAP and MyAvis
  • Operations for the identification of errors generated by modifications in the applications

Solving user requests concerning:

  • Updates to matrixes used for reports
  • Correction of errors identified in the application

System reports that are used:

  • Complaints register
  • Non-plausible data register
  • Findings reports register
    • Monthly activity report – at reader level
    • Monthly activity report – at center level
    • Analytical monthly activity report

Reports concerning orders:

  • Report of the status of the reading units
    • Data import/ export monitoring

Activity reports:

  • Activity monitoring
  • Processing non-plausible readings files
  • Processing billing error files
  • For the analysis requests, photographs of the challenged indexes and anomalies are extracted from the readings history, where applicable
  • Index report recorded at reader level
  • Detailed daily activity
  • Monitoring anomalies and large consumptions
  • Reader achievements per closed reading unit
  • Monitoring of anomaly 3403
  • Accuracy of GPS coordinates
  • Centralizing clients missing from the database
  • Verifying photo samples
  • Verifying meters in the same installation
  • Monitoring deadlines
  • Verifying “Changes” values of the type HON recorded

Administration of applications and systems:

  • Managing and implementing projects
  • Internal tests for applications and systems
  • Integrated tests for applications and systems
  • Go Live
  • Support after Go Live

The operational monitoring solution eliminated internal risks which could generate a series of critical incidents, and lead to an improvement of the performance indicators and to the coordination of the planning, execution, monitoring and reporting activities.