Adrem Invest provides services, solutions and products
tailored for the following industries:



The experience and large-scale projects implemented for large public utility companies in the energy field are assets recommending Adrem Invest as leader on the energy services market. From electrical works, electrical infrastructure maintenance works and distribution network operation, to meter reading, smart metering projects and meter group administration – our values reflect in the responsible and rigorous delivery of each project.



For over 15 years, Adrem Invest has been a service provider for one of the most important Romanian industries – the oil & gas industry. Meter reading services, meter group administration as well as smart metering solutions and electrical infrastructure maintenance works are all carried out by experiences personnel, in order to maintain an elevated level of efficiency and rigor. Our team of specialists also provides gas installation design services for utility companies in the oil & gas industry.



Given the current water consumption context, the concerns in this industry should focus on availability of the resources and optimization of consumption. Nevertheless, operating costs are a challenge for utility companies in the water & sewerage sector. Adrem Invest provides services which support better administration and optimization of processes, such as: meter reading services and smart meter reading projects, but also electrical infrastructure maintenance and electrical works.



Thermal energy is of utmost importance when it comes to providing comfort for the population. Our experience as service providers in various industries makes us a reliable provider for this sector. Our offer features meter reading services and smart meter reading projects, but also electrical works and electrical infrastructure maintenance.



Depending on the status of a construction, Adrem Invest is able to provide a package of electrical works for buildings. From consultancy in electrical installations, to drafting of technical documents, tender books and cost estimates, and grid connection support, installation execution and maintenance – our specialists are able to provide this wide range of solutions nationwide.



Transport is a key sector of the economy, which is an indicator of the level of urban or national development. Whether it is railway transport or tramway, subway or other electrical transport systems, Adrem Invest can provide a package of services for the electrification plants: electrical works, electrical plant modernization or PRAM verifications.



Following the completion of specialization courses, our electricians are highly qualified, which ensures quality and reliability of the design, execution, repair and maintenance works provided for large industrial consumers. The internal electrical works complement Adrem Invest’s range of services and include not just execution, but also consultancy, technical documentations, tender books, offers and cost estimates.